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Bitradez Token Bitradez Token

Bitradez Token

Overview Bitradez

XIZ is a global application token and powers the Bitradez ecosystem.
A decentralized digital asset based on Ethereum, XIZ is issued by Bitradez with a limited total supply of 300M.



Bitradez has developed XIZ based on a token system issued and managed through Blockchain and it can be used on Bitradez and multiple scenarios of Bitradez ecosystem as well



XIZ could be used in all types of applications in the ecosystem of Bitradez and also global business, serving as an important hub of the ecosystem



XIZ holders shall enjoy the corresponding benefits of the whole ecosystem of Bitradez and get ecological sub-token rewards, as well as valuable promotions brought by sustained repurchase and destruction


Unit: Token
12,600,000 50,400,000 50,400,000 60,000,000 60,000,000 60,300,000
Marketing Community management Partnership and ecosystem Exchange operation Foundation Investors

Our Roadmap

QUARTER 01/2020
Complete the trading platform
QUARTER 02/2020
Start IEO
QUARTER 03/2020
  • Launch the Binary trading platform, OTC platform
  • Pay trading fees using XIZ tokens and get flat 50% discount
  • XIZ Token is able to trade in the Binary trading platform
QUARTER 04/2020
  • Launch the P2P Lending platform
  • XIZ Token is available in P2P Lending platform
QUARTER 01/2021
  • Launch the Copy Trade function in the exchange
QUARTER 02/2021
  • Bitradez is available in mobile app
  • Launch the Futures platform
  • Pay trading fees using XIZ tokens and get flat 50% discount
QUARTER 03/2021
  • Launch the Margin trade platform (Crypto + Forex)
  • Pay trading fees using XIZ tokens and get flat 50% discount
  • XIZ Token is available in the Margin trade platform
QUARTER 04/2021
  • XIZ Token is listed on CMC

XIZ - The exchange-based token of a leading trading platform

60% of sold-out token will be repurchased after the IEO process ends. 20% profit of the company will be spent for these buy-back events


Round On



  • While IEO in progress, tokens of previous rounds will be unlocked 5% after the next 3 rounds.
  • At the end of the IEO, after the last round 12, tokens of previous purchases will continue to be unlocked 5% after the next 3 months. Whole unlock process will last  maximum 60 months, equivalent to 5 years, or until 100% of all tokens are sold.
Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ... 60 months
1 (Capricorn) 5% 5% 5%
2 (Aquarius) 5% 5% 5%
3 (Pisces) 5% 5% 5%
4 (Aries) 5% 5%
5 (Taurus) 5% 5%
6 (Gemini) 5% 5%
7 (Cancer) 5%
8 (Leo) 5%
9 (Virgo) 5%
10 (Libra)
11 (Scorpio)
12 (Sagittarius) ... 100%


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